The Benefits of Career Change Coaching for Career Transitions 

While you may feel like you need to stay in your current role for a long tenure, change can be a good thing. Sometimes, it’s precisely what you need to grow both professionally and personally.  

But finding that new direction can feel daunting. Career change coaching can help you develop both the confidence and the skills needed to take that leap. Having a career coach unlocks your potential and empowers a path forward that makes your vision a reality.  

If career coaching is something you’ve wanted to try but never explored, don’t worry! I’ll cover everything you need to know about what it looks like to work with a career transition coach. But first, let’s go over the difference between career advancement and career change. Your future hasn’t been written yet; it’s time to start the next chapter of your career!  

What is Career Advancement vs Career Change? 

Whether you want to stay with your company, find another in the same industry, or switch to a completely new line of work, your options as a manager or leader can be limitless, especially when you tap a career coach to guide you along the way! 

Let’s get into the specifics of career advancement and career changes: 

Career Advancement 

The true career advancement meaning takes on many forms. Advancement includes receiving a promotion to a higher title, transitioning to another role at the same hierarchical level, or taking on a new position within the same organization. This could also include switching to a new company in the same field or moving to a new country to work in these new positions. Ultimately, if you plan to stay in the same industry or field that you currently work in, this is considered career advancement.  

Career Change 

When you decide to leave your current field or industry entirely for a new job, that’s a career change. Maybe you love your job but have phased out and don’t feel as satisfied with it anymore. You might be unhappy with your current company, coworkers, leadership, or lack of growth available. Sometimes, seeking a career change is the best way to receive a salary increase, have better benefits, more flexibility, and alignment with your new career goals. If you feel as though you were meant to do something else (in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond), it’s never too late! A career transition coach can offer powerful guidance and empower you to search for a more meaningful and fulfilling career that allows you to utilize your full potential.  

Why Should I Work with a Career Change Coach?

Are you ready for a career change or career advancement? Working with a certified coach gives you the tools you need to succeed!  

When working with a career coach, you’ll find guidance with:  

Developing Your Networking Skills  

Networking is a crucial part of finding your next career opportunity. Whether it’s through LinkedIn, reaching out to past contacts, or attending networking events, it requires confidence, a clear sense of self-worth, and resilience despite possible rejection. These skills can be developed while working with a career transition coach to give you the confidence and tools needed to network successfully.   

Preparing for Interviews  

Career change coaching can give you the upper hand with expert guidance through inspiring questions, holding space, and developing interview skills. Preparation is key as you identify your achievements and learn how to articulate them in an interview setting.

Making Career Moves

With a holistic approach, a career coach can prepare you physically and mentally to take the leap. Whether it’s your next career move or promotion, learn to embrace the transition and develop the skills you need to move forward.

Supporting You Along the Way   

When working with a career transition coach, you’ll set goals with actionable items. Your coach will be there for support and to bounce ideas off as you’re working toward achieving those goals. They’ll also encourage you during setbacks and help you stay focused on the bigger picture.   

Make The Career Move You’ve Been Waiting For 

Before a significant career advancement or career change, there are many moments of doubt. You might question whether you’re making the right decision or feel imposter syndrome creeping up as you wonder if you’re good enough for that new position.  

Now, all you need is that extra support to make it happen. As a career coach, I empower individuals to confidently approach their career transitions, ensuring you are well-positioned to seize new opportunities and achieve your desired outcomes in the next chapter of your professional journey. Contact me or book a complimentary session to learn more about my style of holistic career change coaching. 


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