Make The Change That Will Change Your Life

Ignite your innate strengths and awaken the highest version of yourself with intentional life and executive coaching services

Life often throws challenges our way, and it can feel overwhelming to tackle them alone. But with the right guidance and intentional self-awareness, every challenge becomes an opportunity for growth.

Finding a coach is about more than finding answers and overcoming hurdles. It’s about being asked the right questions. It’s about uncovering innate strengths and evolving into the higher version of yourself. It’s about aligning your path forward with your inner truth and feeling ready to conquer the world with unyielding zest.

Let’s explore what’s possible when you decide to take charge and delve into one of my transformative coaching experiences below.

Let’s journey together towards a clearer, more purposeful, and soul-aligned life.

One-on-One Life Coaching Sessions

Every journey to self-discovery benefits from a guiding hand. With life coaching, you won’t face challenges alone. Navigate through personal and career obstacles, breathe new life into your existence, and shed the fears anchoring you. Embrace the vibrant life you deserve, filled with meaning and purpose.

One-on-One Executive Coaching Services

In the complex world of corporate landscapes, every executive has a reservoir of untapped leadership potential. This tailored coaching journey is about nurturing your inherent strengths, aligning them with the strategic imperatives of your role, and transcending the common leadership paradigms. It’s your time to shine and evolve into an impactful leader, poised to make a lasting mark in any organization.

Group Coaching Programs

Tap into the resonance of collective energy and mutual experiences. Group sessions, whether for life or executive coaching, cater to those ready to broaden their horizons. Share, learn, and rise together, shedding societal expectations to embrace authentic desires. Accepted group sizes are between 2-15 people.

Extended DISC Personality Assessments & Debriefing

The Extended DISC assessment is more than just a behavioral analysis tool—it’s a mirror that reflects the core of an individual’s innate tendencies and behaviors. Through the lens of positive psychology, you’re not only equipping yourself with knowledge but shifting focus to more of what sparks your inner passion and less of what drains your energy. This assessment is available as a one-time service or a free inclusion with any of the packages above.

Client Transformations

Meet Your Coach: Aleksandra Lazarevska

Hello there! I’m Aleksandra Lazarevska, your dedicated life and executive coach. With over two decades of corporate experience at multinational companies and extensive formal education from ICF-approved coaching training, I blend my intuitive empathy with tested coaching methodologies to guide you into unlocking your limitless potential.

I too began my journey to this moment facing life’s myriad of challenges. After many twists and turns, I learned to harness the power of the subconscious, making me not just a holistic coach but a companion who has traversed similar paths to find my purpose.

I am not here to offer a quick fix, but to stand by you as you delve into self-discovery, shatter the shackles of limitations, and stride confidently towards your destined path of personal and professional fulfillment. Together, we’ll not only unveil what’s been holding you back but also ignite the intuitive, potent force within you waiting to manifest your deepest desires.

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